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The Business Development Life Cycle is supported by our In Pursuit book series. The first of which defines the Life Cycle's framework.  Each book is arranged to be read from front to back, building on previous topics and exploring in detail activities that have worked for both large and small businesses.  Each book is supported by an exhaustive Table of Contents so that they can be used as a reference book, taking you directly to a topic of interest when necessary.  Each book is supported by mind maps which can be used and reused during any given pursuit guiding within each activity or across an entire phase of the capture.  We have designed the framework such that the practice areas are plug and play; the individual can add, modify, or delete any exercise based on industry or preference.  This flexibility established the foundation for Continuous Capture Improvement; refining each practice area based on lesson's learned.  Finally, we have designed the Life Cycle for corporate or individual practice, thus creating the firm's overall capture methodology or refining the business development professional's skill set.

The first book, "In Pursuit - Business Development Life Cycle - The Framework" is available here on Amazon in both Paperback and eBook formats.

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