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Process 5: Post Proposal -- Prepare for Orals,

Clarifications and BAFO

You've developed your winning Proposal, it is compliant and compelling, and you submitted one day early.  The stress is off.  It’s perfectly okay to chill for a day or so.  Please do yourself a favor and not return to your submitted package and reread it.  It's natural to start second-guessing your wording, find simple grammar mistakes and getting that knot in your stomach that you messed up.  Not to put a tune in your head that won’t go away, but, “Let it Go!”.  There is enough work ahead to keep your mind busy and support a successful award.  It’s now time to finalize Orals practices (if required), respond to any clarifications from the CO, submit your Best and Final Offer (BAFO), or Final Proposal Revision (FPR) potentially provide updates to your Volumes, prepare for a potential award and begin Transition Due Diligence.




The objective of the Post Proposal phase is “To respond to inquiries and government requests and prepare for an award.” If required, expect the CO to schedule Orals within two weeks of submission.  The time between submission and award may be lengthy.  During that period, you may be interacting with the CO due to clarifications and negotiations of price.  This time is perfect for finalizing all your Transition due diligence before award so that you can immediately begin Transition-In activities.


Excerpt - "In Pursuit - Business Development Life Cycle" (c) 2019

Mike Rice

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