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Process 6: Post Award -- Debrief, Lessons Learned, Protest ?

You received that long-awaited phone call or email from the Contracting Officer.  We expect that it indicated a successful award and you are planning your win party.  Regardless of a win or lose, there are Post Award activities which need attending to; The Life Cycle is designed to encourage Continual Capture Improvement!  The two events that always wrap up a capture is your request for Debrief and Lesson’s Learned exercises.


In the event of an unsuccessful award, there may be an opportunity to protest if warranted.  Before you choose to protest, you must determine your protest posture, your likelihood of winning a protest.




The Life Cycle defines the Objective of the Post Award Process as “To capture Proposal outcomes, lessons learned, and archive Proposal artifacts for Continuous Capture Improvement of the opportunity lifecycle.”  The activities within the Post Award are vital to a healthy and sustainable business development practice.  Upon completion of this process, you have identified strengths and weaknesses in your processes and your Proposal product.  You target area’s that you tweak and refine to increase your ability to identify, qualify and capture new business successfully.


Excerpt - "In Pursuit - Business Development Life Cycle" (c) 2019

Mike Rice

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