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In Pursuit has been an incredible adventure!  Researching and developing the Business Development Life Cycle propelled me deeper into its subject matter; adding texture to my understanding of successful practices.  I am an engineer by trade and a teacher by nature.  The engineer in me is driven to learn how this BD mechanism ticks.  The teacher in me is excited to share what I’ve learned. I hope that you will enjoy learning the Life Cycle as much as I have! -- Mike Rice

The In Pursuit - Business Development Life Cycle is available here on Amazon in both Paperback and eBook formats.


Gloria is CEO and Senior Partner of Parker Group Consulting in the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.  She advises major companies from large integrators, to consulting firms and small businesses on government and business strategies.

Most business development professionals started their careers doing something other than sales and marketing. They find themselves thrust into the BD (business development) world due to the need of firms to capture new business and to sustain growth. The Billion Dollar Secret focuses on preparing business development professionals to experience successful pursuits and professional victories.

The Billion Dollar Secret is available here on Amazon in both Paperback and eBook formats.

FAR 15.102(c) clearly states that oral presentations can sufficiently replace the written responses for capabilities, past performances, management plans, staffing approaches and resources, transition plans and service area approaches to task areas.  The FAR also provides flexibility to the evaluation team to score your evaluation immediately after your presentation through confidence ratings, comparative evaluations, and on-the-spot consensus evaluation.


The In Pursuit approach to coaching any oral presentation is based on those familiar "4 P's": Plan, Prepare, Practice, and Present.  Although we are tailoring these four processed for acquisition centric presentations and coupled directly to the Business Development Life Cycle, the principles of each process can stand on their own.  The same four methods can be leveraged to prepare for any presentation forum.

The In Pursuit - Coaching Orals is available here on Amazon in both Paperback and eBook formats.

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