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Blockchain 5 of 7 : Champion Transformation

Player development takes a lot of hard work for both the training staff and the individual player. As a coach I’ve had moments of frustration; but so, did the player.  When a player makes a mistake, a good coach understands the value of mercy, graciously corrects the mistake and encourages their young protégé to continue to do their best. Most competitive players long to see their own good fruit.  There is no greater feeling then to encourage the transformation of that player into a competitive machine; one who is comfortable in their ability to produce.  I need to brag on one of my sons.  Incredible at soccer, Aaron was also a talented hockey defenseman.  Aaron was fast as lighting on skates and could pickpocket the puck from anyone within his reach.  His weakness, though, was his slapshot; falling back on a wrist shot when giving the opportunity to shoot.  The coaching staff was working with and encouraging Aaron; he had every other skill needed to be an offensive threat too. One practice, early in the season, we heard what sounded like a gunshot from the rink.  We looked up and saw that it was Aaron.  Slapshot after slapshot on net; each one with as much heat as the last.  The coaching staff and team just watched in amazement. One of the coaches hollered, “Hey Aaron, where did that come from”?  He responded with a smile, “I finally figured it out, Coach”!  After all that encouragement, Aaron transformed into that threat everyone knew he could be.  By the way, that team, that year, went on to win a national championship for their age group!

Good leadership is good coaching.  Behind every successful deployment of new tech is a skilled coach willing to champion the effort. Standing up a blockchain consensus fabric to support the portfolio will demand champions coaching the business line, enterprise and solutions architects, acquisition professionals, OCIO staff and, of course, their own project team.   A great IT coach and champion of any major transformation will be flexible, encouraging, merciful, gracious and confident; leveraging the best out of the entire roster of players. 

Champion Transformation !!

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