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Offer Design

We defined an Offer Design previously as, “the complete solution proposed to customer to include my technical approach, management approach, staffing and pricing.  The Offer Design is expression of my Win Strategies and Themes in the form of my Technical Volume, Cost Volume and Orals Presentation (if required).”









The first part of our total Offer Design is our Technical Solution.  As our service area strategy in meeting the functional requirements of the portfolio. There are eight steps in this activity with the last four steps iterative by nature; ending each iteration with a validation step.  In addition, the first four steps are simply revisiting data points we have already established that will help drive the Solution Exercise.

Its equally important not to confuse your Technical Solution from your Concept of Operations or ConOps. The 2 address very different aspects of your company's total offering.  The Technical Solution is the service area strategy of your Offer Design and the ConOps is the operational expression. Through our CONOPS, we will express our operational strategy for managing the program.  Note, this is a method to separate the technical requirements of the opportunity from the contractual.


Technical Solution

Transformation Process


  • A Service Area Strategy

  • Designed to Address the Portfolio’s Goals

  • Must Align with the Agency’s Reference Architecture

  • Hampered by Constraints

  • Enablers Deal with Technical Constraints

  • Focus on Your areas of influence

  • Engage the Customer

Concept of Operations



  • An Operational Strategy

  • Designed to Address the  Contractual Goals

  • Must Align with the Communication Plan

  • Hampered by Competing Goals within the Agency

  • Collaboration is the Best Enabler

  • Focus on Meeting your SLA’s

  • Engage the Customer


Transformation Canvas



Price-to-Win Methodology

A well designed ConOps can guide the entire capture process; including key elements of the technical solution of your total Offer Design.

Our Cost Target activity is designed to determine the “Price to Win” (PTW) Strategy of your overall Offer Design.  This activity usually operates in parallel with the Service Area and Operation Strategy activities.  Some will argue that this should be the first exercise in the Capture process.  The reason we strongly disagree with that premise is that Price-to-Win does not equal “Low Cost”.  In this activity, we will validate the selection criteria in Section M, Contract Type, the competition’s history in cost, the process itself and collaboration between the pricing exercise and the service area and operation strategies. 

CornerStone will guide your capture team to a complete Offer Design which includes both the Service Area and Contractual Strategies.  It will make the difference in the quality of your message.

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